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Top Famous Artists
• Van Gogh, Vincent
• Renoir
• Monet, Claude Oscar
• Waterhouse,J. W.
• Vermeer Van Delft
• Titian
• Sargent, John Singer
• Rubens, Peter Paul
• Rembrandt van Rijn
• Raphael
• Michelangelo
• Leighton, L. F.
• Klimt, Gustav
• Goya, Francisco Jose
• Godward, J. W.
• Gerome, Jean-Leon
• Gauguin, Paul
• Degas, Edgar
• Da Vinci, Leonardo
• Cezanne, Paul
• Bouguereau, A. W.
• Alma-Tadema
• Weeks, Edwin Lord
• Velazquez, Diego
• Turner, J. M. William
• Tissot, James
• Sisley, Alfred
• Rossetti, D. G.
• Rivera, Diego
• Pissarro, Camille
• Mucha, A. M.
• Modigliani, Amedeo
• Manet, Edouard
• Kahlo, Frida
• Ingres, J. A. D.
• Homer, Winslow
• Greco, El
• Delacroix, Eugene
• Chase, William Merritt
• Cassatt, Mary
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• Classical People
• Impression People
• Arab People
• Realism People
• Indian People
• Classical Landscape
• Impression Landscape
• Ship-Seascape
• Realism Landscape
• Modern Landscape
• Flower Still Life
• Fruit Still Life
• Bottle Still Life
• Others Still Life
• Birds Animal
• Tiger-Lion-Panther
• Elephant-Zebra-Giraffe
• Horse Animal
• Others Animal
• Abstract
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Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. We hope the answers will give you detailed information and facilitate you. You may ask all other questions without hesitation here.

  • How do you make your art reproductions?

    Our art reproductions are handmade with oil on canvas of high quality. In our team of painters each one is a past master in his particular field and this gives us the opportunity to reproduce to the limit of perfection the style and the technique of every original old and modern master. Of course we have acquired these abilities for a long educational and creative period and this is the reason why our handmade art reproductions express the human element, the spirit and the sense of the Great Masters.

  • Are your art reproductions framed?

    There are three basic reasons for not framing the art reproductions.

    Every house has its different style and design and the frame of the painting has to go well with the whole interior so you will be the one who will make the best choice for it. There are frame workshops all over the world and you will be advised and helped there in selecting the frame mostly suiting to your house.

    The second reason is related with the post expenses of a framed painting. All the companies selling art reproductions do not transport them framed because of the high expense for post taxes which sometimes exceed the basic price of the art reproductions.

    The next reason - safety. Our art reproductions are transported rolled up in secure post tubes. You can imagine the risk of damaging and breaking of the painting when it is stretched on a frame.

    If you have chosen a art reproduction on a round frame you have to be consulted in your local frame workshop about the possibility a frame of this type to be made. Don't worry if they don't make round frames we should correct the format by art reproduction the necessary parts according to the rectangular size.

  • Can I order a favourite painting of mine, which is not displayed on your website ?

    Of course you can order every painting you pick from the World art heritage or different in size. You only have to describe your desires to us. We will answer you immediately to discuss your requirements and our abilities. Additionally, we can also paint oil painting from any of your photographs. You can sent your preferred pictures by email to place order.

  • Is this business compliance to copyright legal?

    Pleas don't worry about legal confusion. We stress all the paintings are reproduction not a original one. The cheap price just reflect this point. For the copyright purpose, we reproduce the paintings paint by the artist who must have died at least 50 years ago.

  • What is the order placing procedure?

    For oil painting reproductions, you can choose pictures from our online gallery and write down the Item No. Just let me know your choice we will arrange your order upon receiving your payment. Your own pictures are available. The 50% of total amount is required to prepaid for us starting producing. Also see Order Process.

  • How are the products shipped?

    To save the shipping cost and delivery time for our customers, we sent the paintings by International express company such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS and TNT. The paintings are packed by cardboard postage tubes. The frames are shipped by sea line in container. Also see Delivery and Cost.

  • What happens if I'm not satisfied?

    ArtSunLight guarantees your pleasure and satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the reproduction or you want to correct some details you have to send us back the canvas in good condition for additional marks or for refunding your payment. Also see Return Policy.

  • How to Store Paintings?

    Many people store their painting or framed print in the attic for years, which is ruining the object.One of the best ways to store a painting is to hand the painting on an interior wall out of direct sunlight. Do not hand or store a painting in a location where temperature or humidity levels fluctuate. An environment with consistent temperature and humidity levels is very important for painting and artworks storage.

    So, you should keep your paintings away from fireplace, air conditioner, sink or radiator. Two rooms of a house are worst for paintings: bathroom and kitchen.

    If you choose a position to hand your preferred painting on wall, an interior wall and away from windows maybe a perfect one. And, place a space with approximately 1/4" wide on the back of a framed works away from wall to create a barrier from the varying temperature and damaging humidity from the exterior wall.

    If you keep plenty of artworks and won't hand all on wall, you can store it in a low traffic area of your home. Paintings should be stored upright and stacked back to back so that the back of one painting only touches the back of another painting.

    Never stack paintings much, because this forces the paintings to bear the weight of the stack. When storing framed paintings, you are also storing its frames additionally.

    Do not use common cleaning liquid to dust an oil painting. It will damage art. Lightly dust the painting by using a white cotton cloth. Do not make any pressure on the surface of the canvas while removing surface dust.

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